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Welcome to Rainbow our goal and mission is to assist one in becoming successful in there goals and pursuit in advancing in making a great income working   from  home in professional< Home Health Care< Day Care< Barber< Food Catering <Beautician <Plumber<Photography<Typing<Carpet Cleaning<Painting   Homes/Apartments<Electrician<Maid Service<Selling Children Bibles<Selling Children Workbooks Help Score Higher Grades In Reading and   Math for age 4   to 10<Roofer<Computer<Real Estate<Cleaning<Braiding Hair<Weaving Hair<Selling Perfume Body Oils<Selling Car Liter Bags Help keep Cars and Vans       stay clean from trash and litter<Selling Religious Arts< Rainbow is Hiring Maids and Carpet Cleaner contractors, must have own car, we will train call today.   


Work From Home Training In Professional Business Courses and Careers, Audio Teaching On CD  Software, Special only $125.00 Make full payment Or pay $62.50 in 2 payments. Money orders only, Free Shipping  Today. 

     WORK FROM HOME           


  HEALTH CARE                          DAYCARE             

 Train How Earn Up            Learn How Earn Up

 To $60.000  A Year.           To $50.000  A Year

 In Health Care,                   In Home  Daycare.

 Aiding The Sick!                 In Your Own Home!

 In Homes, Hospitals!        In A Daycare Center!         

 In Nursing Homes!            Or Outside Your Home!


    BARBER          .                         CLEANING           

 Learn How Earn Up           Train How Earn Up

 To  $48.000 A Year             To $41.820 A Year

 Cutting Hair In                     Cleaning Homes!

 Your Own Home!                 Apartments!

 In People Homes!                Buildings And Offices


   ROOFER                                 COMPUTER           

  Train How, Earn Up            Learn How, Earn Up

  To $42,000 A Year              To $61.060 A Year   

  Repairing Roofs! For         Fixing, Upgrading

  Businesses! Homes!          Homes Computers.         

     REAL ESTATE                   BEAUTICIAN             

  Learn  How,  Earn Up       Train How, Earn Up

  To $109.490 A Year          To $49.000 A Year

  Renting Rooms!                  Fixing Hair In Your

  Selling Homes!                    Home or People!

   BRAIDING HAIR                 MAID SERVICE     

   Train How, Earn Up          Learn How, Earn Up

  To $49.000 A Year             To $35.000 A Year

  Braiding Hair At                 Cleaning Homes!

  Home or Outside!             Buildings! Offices!


 Learn How, Earn Up       Train How, Earn Up

  To $52.000  A Year        To $40.000 A Year

  Preparing Food! For      Cleaning Carpets For 

  Events And Families!    Homes And Business!

 PAINTING                                   TYPING                 

  Train How, Earn Up     Learn How, Earn Up

   To $63.000 A Year     To $58.000 A Year

   Painting Homes!         Typing On A  Computer

  And Apartments!      For Businesses & People!

 WEAVING HAIR                     PLUMBER           

 Learn How, Earn Up  Train How, Earn Up

 To $49.000 A Year     To $52.000 A Year 

 Weaving Hair In Or   Plumbing In Homes!

 Outside Your Home   Businesses! Apartment!         

   PHOTOGRAPHY              ELECTRICIAN       

   Train How,  Earn Up      Learn How, Earn Up

  To  $58.000 A Year        To $92.000 A Year 

  Taking Families And      Repairs For Homes!

  Businesses Pictures!    Businesses! Apartments!

   CHILDREN  BIBLES                          RELIGIOUS  ART       

  Train  How, Earn A            Learn How, Earn A

  Great Income Selling      Great Income

  Bibles To Churches!         Selling Religious

  Homes! Parents!               Pictures And Art!                                                               

  CHILDREN  WORKBOOK             ROSES                 

                 CHILDREN WORKBOOKS                              ROSES                                                                                                                                 

  Train How, Earn A                    Learn How, Earn A       

  Great Income Selling             Great Income

   Workbooks. Help Kids         Selling  Wholesale

   Make Higher Grades In       Silk Roses To People!           

   Reading, Math, Spelling.      Businesses!



  Learn How, Earn A                   Train How ,To Start

  Great Income!                            Earn a  Great Income!

   Selling Wholesale                    Selling Car Liter Bags

   Body Oils To People.               Keep Cars Clean From

                                                           Trash And Litter.           


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 Medical Assistant

 Security Guards



 Doctor Office

 Staffing Agencies

 Folk lift Drivers




 Nursing Homes


 Rainbow Is Hiring

 Maids/Carpet Cleaners/

 Housekeepers Contractors must own a car will train call today! 404-484-8620